Parking on TSU campus

Parking on Tennessee State University’s campus has become more scarce, and administrators are adding more restrictions to the places students can park. Across from Keen Hall on TSU’s campus there is a parking lot that has now been changed to only visitor and VIP parking. To be a visitor, one must go get a pass from the booth in front of the Wilson dormitory. Yet to be a VIP member one must pay $168 to recieve a green decal to be admitted to the parking lot.

TSU security officer Sgt. Perry says this measure is being used to bring in money for the university. Mrs. TSU 2011-2012 Ashleigh Taylor said in an interview “who is being thought of, the student or the administration.” She also went on to point out the fact that students already pay 10 dollars in their tuition for a parking decal. Several other students such as Destine Lacen and Julius Greenlaw have expressed their exasperations with trying to find a parking place on campus.

Destine Lacen made the suggestion that all students could have assigned parking to help solve the issue. Julius Greenlaw says he feels that they should make faculty only parking lots smaller to give more spaces to students. The student affairs office were the administrators to implement this restriction and were unavailable to speak on the matter when I attempted to contact them.

The link to the television version of the story:


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