TSU Agriculture Department Recieves Grant

As some Departments at Tennessee State University are being taken out of the curriculum, the department of Agriculture, human and natural sciences is growing. They have been given a 1.9 million dollar grant to expand their teaching, research and extension programs. The grant was given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and this is the second time in two years that TSU has received the maximum amount.

A lot of the money from the grant goes to research conducted by students during their work aid. Work aid student Brittany Woodard, said in an interview about her research “We work with micro algae. We are trying to convert micro algae into bio diesel fuel.” She went on to say that this fuel can be used to fuel vehicles and even airplanes.

Other research that was strengthened by the grant, was the research of fat increasing in birds. This department looks for ways to reduce and increase fat levels in birds, particularly the west African Guinea Fowl. The researchers claim these studies may find a cure for obesity in humans.

Department Dean, Dr. Chandra Reddy claims he feels he has the right staff to do the tasks, saying that almost all of the faculty are involved in the research. He claims this is unique within TSU. For a list of the amount of money that is going to each department you can click here http://tnstatenewsroom.com/2011/10/agricultural-faculty-awarded-1-9-million-in-new-research-grants/

Link to the video version of the story


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