A Spring Fling Thing

When you pay money for something you expect to get it, yet that wasn’t the case for some participants who bought packages from the student organization HBCU Spring Fling. The group had student’s pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for a Spring Break package. That package promised them a bus ride down to Panama City, three nights in a hotel room and gave them free party passes to get into parties amongst other things.

Yet many student’s claim they didn’t get half of what they were promised. Spring Fling participant Miya Jefferson claimed she didn’t get a hotel room, didn’t receive any party passes and that the shuttles to escort people to the parties never came. She claimed she was forced to room with six other women in one hotel room. Mrs. Jefferson is now demanding her money back.

HBCU Spring Fling posted apologies on their twitter account after the first night saying “We had a bad day but we PROMISE We got y’all covered 2morrow!!!! #hbcuspringfling“. They also posted apologies and updates about the bus situation, asking participants to tweet #NOBUS and the name of their hotel to the groups twitter account.

Yet after the trip was over many patrons were still dissatisfied about the trip and were calling the organization’s leader Blake Nathan for refunds. Participant Monique Craig said in an interview “I don’t think Blake would try to get over or scam or take anyone’s money, I don’t think he would put his self in that situation”. Miya Jefferson also said in an interview “Today I got an email response back saying that he denied all requests and nobody is getting their money back”. Blake Nathan was unavailable for comment on the situation when contacted.

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A Spring Fling Thing


TSU Shooting

Shootings have been happening at School’s all around the US in recent years, yet when a student gets shot in his own dormitory, it raises fears even more. The victim (who’s name has been removed) ,18, of Memphis Tennessee was in the bathroom on a Sunday night on the third floor of Watson Hall when former student Tony Lorenzo Johnson ,21, allegedly walked in the bathroom, pulled a gun, and attempted to the victim.

He then walked the student down the hall into his dormitory in order to take his belongings. An altercation ensued and the student was shot in the leg. Johnson got away with a computer and a game system. He was picked up by police later that night near TSU’s campus.

The victim then picked Johnson out of a line up as the shooter. The victim was unavailable for comment as he is back in Memphis with his family. Johnson’s bail is set at $117,500.

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One Shot with Mjay

When a college student doesn’t have a significant other on Valentine’s Day they usually just skip Valentine’s activities all together. That wasn’t one students approach as she created a game show through WTST the Blaze, that had eight male contestant’s try to win a date with her to TGI Fridays.

The game show had three contestants at a time to try and “woo” her. She picked one contestant at the end of each of the three rounds. Round three had only two contestants instead of three. The three winners had to go to the final round where contestant Justin Robertson took the romantic route by saying things like “I would embrace you.” Yet Brandon Crawford ended up being picked. When asked in an interview why Mrs. Jefferson picked Mr. Crawford she said “he had a really sexy voice.”

The two had a free meal available for them at TGI Fridays, which is Mrs. Jefferson’s place of employment, yet she later claimed that they went to O’Charley’s instead. The radio show that the game show was hosted on ,No Boys Allowed, claimed they would have a follow up to the show where Mrs. Jefferson could tell what happened on the date. She also would say if she was planning on hosting another game show.

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