Leaders Of The New School

An organization that originated at Middle Tennessee State University has spread to Tennessee State University, and is looking to spread to even more campuses around the nation. Leaders Of The New School, which was created by MTSU student Rikki Blu, recently held a Trayvon Martin memorial at TSU. TSU Interim president Dr. Portia Shields was present and spoke at the event.

Balin Ali ,who is Rikki Blu’s partner, is the head of LOTNS at TSU and said in an interview “LOTNS at first it all started it was supposed to be a local showcase for the Nashville area, but it ended up getting so big that we’re going to be a future organization here at TSU.”  The organization can be found on their twitter acount, where they relay the purpose of their organization with tweets like “We seek to change the hearts and minds of our generation… Love is all we know…”.

Rikki Blu hopes the organization will spread even further than just these 2 campuses. He claims another one of the members is moving to Atlanta and is going to try to get people to join their. Blu ,who is a native of Dallas, Texas, also hopes to promote and get members in the organization when he returns home from MTSU.

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