2 New Queens

Over this past summer, something happened at TSU that has never happened before. Miss Tennessee State University elect lost her crown. This occurred due to grade issues she had during post certification for Student Government Association officials. Yet she feels the rules were slanted against her unfairly.

Miss TSU elect Terra Strong said in an Interview, “the administrators kept saying they were going to work with me, and that it (the rule) might not apply, but I feel they already had their mind made up as to what they were going to do, they were going to make an example out of me.” The issue was that Ms. Strong had elected to take an incomplete in a course in order to get a better grade. This meant she would have to wait to earn the final three credits of the 14 she had taken for the semester. This made her just one credit shy of the required 12 needed for the semester to be Miss TSU. She claims she could have received a D in that class but wanted to maintain the B she had received in the class at Midterm.

The administrators felt that the SGA constitution was clearly against Miss Strong when it says under the Miss TSU requirements that the student must have earned 12 hours in the past spring semester in order to serve as Miss TSU in the fall. However, Miss Strong felt that the Incomplete was not a final grade and should not have been counted as unearned. Rather, she feels the administrators should have waited for the professor to give her the grade instead of taking away her position.

This lead to the administrators giving the title to the runner-up in the Miss TSU election Danicia Hayes. Danicia said in an interview in reference to Terra Strong losing her position, “It seems like something very heart wrenching. I wouldn’t want someone to embarrass me and make me feel less than.” She went on to say that after she heard the that she was the new Miss TSU, she became very introverted and did not take to social media sites, due to not wanting people to feel she was overjoyed about the controversial events that had taken place.

Miss Strong started a blog in order to tell her side of the story, which you can find here

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