A TSU Halloween

One week away from Halloween Tennessee State University students are throwing events for the holiday. The main event that happens on Halloween day is the Scarecase talent show that happens in the Poag Auditorium in the Humanities building on campus. Another festivity happening the weekend before the holiday is the Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity’s haunted house. This will be held in the basement of the performing arts center.

The Scarecase in Humanities begins at 7 pm and there will be a costume contest held during the show. Directly after both male and female winners are announced in the costume contest there will be a scavenger hunt. Audience members of the Scarecase will meet in the student center and be selected for teams. The winning team in the hunt will receive a prize.

Phi MU Alpha’s haunted house will be held the Saturday and Sunday before Halloween day, which is on Wednesday. Tickets are only four dollars with the proceeds going to several charities including TSU’s Tiger Pantry. Fraternity member and organizer of the haunted house, Dustin Hines, said in an interview that , ” Three different random groups of four people each were falling out after the sampling of the haunted house.”

For the video version of the story click here:



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