TSU’s Perception of the Election

The night of the presidential election had the student center lounge area and forum packed with students eagerly awaiting the results. Every time it was announced that president Barack Obama had won a significant amount of electoral votes, the crowd erupted in applause. The DJ was in the lounge area while students danced to new and old music. The forum had the election coverage on a theater sized monitor, and student’s in the hundreds were all in attendance.

After the results the crowd in the lounge area erupted in applause, cheering, and dancing. Student’s began to chant Obama, and seemed to be extremely overjoyed at his victory. Tennessee State University freshman Ashton Williams said in an interview, “I’m pumped about it, I mean I got to vote, I feel like I’m apart of this.” Another student, Amber Sanders, is happy because she claims Obama’s healthcare plan now has a better chance of staying implemented as law. She claims this may have not been the case if Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney won, because he said he would act to repeal Obamacare. Amber is part time in the military and also works a part time job. She has voted in the last three elections.

After the announcement of President Obama’s victory, TSU students marched to Fisk in celebration. Amber Sanders was one of the students who did not march to Fisk, but stayed behind to finish some school work. She said in an interview that, “I’m elated to have lived through a lifetime where I could see that a African American can become president.” She went on to say that it gives her a sense of hope and pride to be an American who is black.

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