Fighting in School

This past semester a Tennessee State University student started participating in a sport that maybe unprecedented at Tennessee State University. Mixed Martial artist Irvin Jones has gone 2-1 in his first three Mixed Martial Arts contests. He now wants to help his coaches start an MMA team through the school before he graduates in December.

Inspiration Fitness, the gym where they train, is located next to the campus apartments and is in walking distance to all campus residents. The gym offers TSU students a discount on the gym fee bringing the price down to $65 a month. Gym coach Ricko Frierson who is looking to start a TSU team said in an interview, ” I don’t know if students don’t know about the gym, or maybe there a little scared.”

The gym trains week nights at 7 and is open to all local residents as well as TSU students. Inspiration Fitness staff also help coach their athletes in other combat sports such as Judo, boxing, kick boxing, and jiu jitsu along with Mixed Martial Arts. However they want their serious competitors to be willing to compete in all of the sports they coach.

For the video version of this story click here:


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