Meant to be a Mentor

Divine Nine fraternity and sorority weeks started this past Sunday the 17th. Phi Beta Sigma fraternity incorporated is the first organization to host the fraternity weeks and during this week they have several events planned such as the Loose Juice party etc. Yet one event they have planned, many people may have not heard about.

Several members of the Sigmas will be going to Preston Taylor ministries to help the after school latch key children with their school work. At around 4 pm seven members of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity waited in front of the Preston Taylor ministries building for the students to arrive from school. When they arrived the Sigmas began helping them with their homework, read to them, and even played some football with them.

Sigma member Brandon Haskins said in an interview, “We just want to have fun make them smile.” He went on to say that he is giving back to the children as a Sigma because he received help from Sigma fraternity members when he was a child. At around 7 pm that day the latchkey program was over, and the Sigmas even helped walk the kids home. Sigma fraternity president Justin Causey said in an interview that the reason they do this is because they “just want to give back to the and give them a positive example as college students.”

For the video version of this click here:


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