TSU’s New Nurses

Every semester hundreds of applicants apply to the nursing program at TSU. It is one of TSU’s most selective programs and students such as Jalyn Burr claim there are very challenging tests people need to take to be accepted into the program. Jalyn Burr said in an interview on why she wanted to be a nurse that, “I’ve always wanted to be a labor delivery nurse, I think it’s so exciting, just to bring a new life into the world!”

The nursing program offers associates, bachelors and masters degrees in nursing. One masters of nursing student, Dawn Booth, encouraged people during an interview to get into the nursing program if you, “Genuinely care about people and want to fulfill your roll as a good citizen.” She went on to say that getting into the program was very challenging yet she is glad she did it.

The nursing school will not let applicants like Jalyn Burr know their test results until early May. She said in an interview, “It’s like we’re at a stand still, we can’t register or anything until we know.” She went on to say that this is her passion in life and she is very confident that she will be accepted into the program.

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