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TSU’s New Nurses

Every semester hundreds of applicants apply to the nursing program at TSU. It is one of TSU’s most selective programs and students such as Jalyn Burr claim there are very challenging tests people need to take to be accepted into the program. Jalyn Burr said in an interview on why she wanted to be a nurse that, “I’ve always wanted to be a labor delivery nurse, I think it’s so exciting, just to bring a new life into the world!”

The nursing program offers associates, bachelors and masters degrees in nursing. One masters of nursing student, Dawn Booth, encouraged people during an interview to get into the nursing program if you, “Genuinely care about people and want to fulfill your roll as a good citizen.” She went on to say that getting into the program was very challenging yet she is glad she did it.

The nursing school will not let applicants like Jalyn Burr know their test results until early May. She said in an interview, “It’s like we’re at a stand still, we can’t register or anything until we know.” She went on to say that this is her passion in life and she is very confident that she will be accepted into the program.

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From SEC to SGA

On Friday April 12th, TSU President Glenda Glover announced the Student Government Association winners in TSU’s amphitheater. Amongst those winners was Devonte Johnson who received more votes than his opponent candidate Missmollie Thomas. After the announcements Devonte Johnson began walking amongst the crowd, thanking them for their support. In an interview, the TSU SGA President-elect said, “TSU has definitely molded me for the better.” He went on to say he decided to continue coming to TSU ,and not transfer, because of the support he receives from his peers.

One of his peers ,Demetrik Lewis, recalled a story with Devonte Johnson in an interview, saying, “we didn’t have a ride to get to Louisville, but he didn’t give up… he found a way.” Another peer of the President-elect, who is also in Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity inc. said in an interview that, “he’s been in the follower role and he knows what that takes, now he’s in a leadership roll, and I believe he knows what it takes to lead.

Devonte Johnson, if he passes post certification, will serve as student government association president during the next school year beginning in the fall. He says he will use his influence with his peers to help him lead.

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TSU is Seeing Stars

As of last year students, who come to Tennessee State University now have an option to minor in astronomy. A department that was responsible for finding one of the first 15 neighboring solar systems in our galaxy back in 1999. Since this option has become available, students have begun to take advantage of this minor. One in particular is Avonte Harris, a TSU sophomore. In an interview, he claimed he decided to minor in astronomy because, “he’s always been fascinated by the stars.” He went on to say that he always used to watch the discovery channel when he was at home.

Avonte is one of many students that hope to work with TSU’s astronomer Gregory Henry, who helps analyze the findings of TSU’s space telescopes located in Southern Arizona. Henry was part of the team that found one of the first 15 neighboring solar systems in our galaxy, and is happy to work with students interested in astronomy. And though the U.S. government has set up a satellite system since TSU’s discovery in 1999 that has been finding solar systems by the hundreds, astronomers still consider it a landmark discovery.

Because of this reason, TSU is now considering making astronomy available to students as a major. Avonte Harris is one of the several students taking astronomy classes that hopes this study becomes a major. He claims that it is, “pretty cool to go to a school that made a landmark discovery in astronomy”, and hopes to continue his studies of the stars whether it be as a major or a minor.

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Spring Break Fitness

Spring Break is right around the corner, and TSU’s wellness center is filling up with people trying to get beach ready. TSU wellness center staff say that on any given day around three weeks before spring break, the gym could have anywhere from 300 to 400 visitors. After spring break they say that number drops down below 100. Gordon-Darnell Peppers says he began training for spring break a month before he leaves for Florida, and that he is trying to get his body right for spring and summer.

However, other gym participants like Devan Phillips say they have been training all year. He claims fitness is one of the most important things in his life and in an interview he claimed Spring Break is just a time to, “show what you’ve been working on all year long”. He went on to say that he has been looking forward to his trip to Panama City Beach Florida all year, as he went last year and had a great time.

Not only does Devan Phillips train himself, he also trains other students in the wellness center by giving them certain exercises and helping time them during workouts. He claims lack of fitness is a real issue in the U.S. and cited an article that said people 15 and up have been dying from obesity. He says that keeping fit and training people is his way of giving back to his community, as he does not charge his clients.

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Meant to be a Mentor

Divine Nine fraternity and sorority weeks started this past Sunday the 17th. Phi Beta Sigma fraternity incorporated is the first organization to host the fraternity weeks and during this week they have several events planned such as the Loose Juice party etc. Yet one event they have planned, many people may have not heard about.

Several members of the Sigmas will be going to Preston Taylor ministries to help the after school latch key children with their school work. At around 4 pm seven members of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity waited in front of the Preston Taylor ministries building for the students to arrive from school. When they arrived the Sigmas began helping them with their homework, read to them, and even played some football with them.

Sigma member Brandon Haskins said in an interview, “We just want to have fun make them smile.” He went on to say that he is giving back to the children as a Sigma because he received help from Sigma fraternity members when he was a child. At around 7 pm that day the latchkey program was over, and the Sigmas even helped walk the kids home. Sigma fraternity president Justin Causey said in an interview that the reason they do this is because they “just want to give back to the and give them a positive example as college students.”

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Fighting in School

This past semester a Tennessee State University student started participating in a sport that maybe unprecedented at Tennessee State University. Mixed Martial artist Irvin Jones has gone 2-1 in his first three Mixed Martial Arts contests. He now wants to help his coaches start an MMA team through the school before he graduates in December.

Inspiration Fitness, the gym where they train, is located next to the campus apartments and is in walking distance to all campus residents. The gym offers TSU students a discount on the gym fee bringing the price down to $65 a month. Gym coach Ricko Frierson who is looking to start a TSU team said in an interview, ” I don’t know if students don’t know about the gym, or maybe there a little scared.”

The gym trains week nights at 7 and is open to all local residents as well as TSU students. Inspiration Fitness staff also help coach their athletes in other combat sports such as Judo, boxing, kick boxing, and jiu jitsu along with Mixed Martial Arts. However they want their serious competitors to be willing to compete in all of the sports they coach.

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Payne’s Play

Every week day, from 6 pm to 9 pm, 11 amateur actors that attend Tennessee State University practice for a play directed by TSU theater professor Marc Payne. The play they are practicing for is Langston Hughes Simply Heavenly. The play is for first time performers at TSU only.

In an interview Marc Payne stressed the importance of these first time performers plays by saying, “This is how we recruit new students into our program.” He went on to say that they make sure to have a first time performers play every year for students to get their foot in the door of the theater department and go on to acting in other plays.

During practices Mr. Payne doles out advice to the beginning actors from his own experiences in theater. He claimed that a lot of times with first time performer plays you have to not only direct, but also teach acting. He went on to say that with this play in particular he did not have to do that as much because a lot of these students had performed in other venues, just not at TSU.

As a man with ambitions in theater himself, he says he enjoys the job of working with young people and sharing his knowledge of acting. He aspires to go on to be an actor in Broadway plays in New York City. Yet, he says this job helps him get there by keeping him sharp in the theater department while also allowing him to provide a stable environment for his son who is 13 years old. Yet he went on to say that once his son is in college and established, he plans to pursue his ultimate goals.

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