TSU’s New President

On Tuesday November 27th at around 2pm, during a conference call it became official, Glenda Glover is TSU’s new president. The selection committee included Governor Bill Haslam who had nothing but good things to say about the newly appointed President. He said later in an interview, “I think Mrs. Glover will be a crucial piece in the puzzle of moving Tennessee State University forward.”

Glenda Glover is a 1974 graduate of Tennessee State University with a degree in mathematics. In her campaign she stressed the importance of Improving alumni relations. The other three finalists all were very student focused in their campaigns. The committee claimed they had a hard time choosing who to pick out of the four, as they said all were well qualified.

Dr. Glover accepted the job with excitement over the phone during the teleconference. While accepting she claimed, “I am excited to return to my alma mater Tennessee State University.” She is set to begin on January 2nd of next year.

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TSU’s Perception of the Election

The night of the presidential election had the student center lounge area and forum packed with students eagerly awaiting the results. Every time it was announced that president Barack Obama had won a significant amount of electoral votes, the crowd erupted in applause. The DJ was in the lounge area while students danced to new and old music. The forum had the election coverage on a theater sized monitor, and student’s in the hundreds were all in attendance.

After the results the crowd in the lounge area erupted in applause, cheering, and dancing. Student’s began to chant Obama, and seemed to be extremely overjoyed at his victory. Tennessee State University freshman Ashton Williams said in an interview, “I’m pumped about it, I mean I got to vote, I feel like I’m apart of this.” Another student, Amber Sanders, is happy because she claims Obama’s healthcare plan now has a better chance of staying implemented as law. She claims this may have not been the case if Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney won, because he said he would act to repeal Obamacare. Amber is part time in the military and also works a part time job. She has voted in the last three elections.

After the announcement of President Obama’s victory, TSU students marched to Fisk in celebration. Amber Sanders was one of the students who did not march to Fisk, but stayed behind to finish some school work. She said in an interview that, “I’m elated to have lived through a lifetime where I could see that a African American can become president.” She went on to say that it gives her a sense of hope and pride to be an American who is black.

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A TSU Halloween

One week away from Halloween Tennessee State University students are throwing events for the holiday. The main event that happens on Halloween day is the Scarecase talent show that happens in the Poag Auditorium in the Humanities building on campus. Another festivity happening the weekend before the holiday is the Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity’s haunted house. This will be held in the basement of the performing arts center.

The Scarecase in Humanities begins at 7 pm and there will be a costume contest held during the show. Directly after both male and female winners are announced in the costume contest there will be a scavenger hunt. Audience members of the Scarecase will meet in the student center and be selected for teams. The winning team in the hunt will receive a prize.

Phi MU Alpha’s haunted house will be held the Saturday and Sunday before Halloween day, which is on Wednesday. Tickets are only four dollars with the proceeds going to several charities including TSU’s Tiger Pantry. Fraternity member and organizer of the haunted house, Dustin Hines, said in an interview that , ” Three different random groups of four people each were falling out after the sampling of the haunted house.”

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Homecoming 100

Tennessee State University’s 100th anniversary homecoming occurred on the 29th of September, and anyone who lives in the area or attends the school know homecoming is a big deal. All week long students held festivities such as the Blue Sapphire awards, the battle of the dorms, the pep rally, and the homecoming parade on the day of homecoming. It almost seems as if the festivities the week before and immediately after the game are typically more important to students than the actual football game itself.

The battle of the dorms happened in Kean Hall and was shut down early due to student’s getting on the floor and refusing to leave. The Blue Sapphire awards saw student’s and faculty get awards in categories such as best dressed, most studious, and best professor.
The Pep rally was the day before the game and began in the amphitheater but was moved to the Gentry Center due to it becoming increasingly overpopulated in the amphitheater area. Many alumni and their family were in attendance.

On game day the parade happened that morning, and the TSU Tigers football team sealed the win over Arkansas Pine Bluff with the final score as 40 to 13. Before the game Tennessee State University alumnus class of 1955 Mary Bright Walker said in an interview, “the student’s are so welcoming of alumni. Earlier in the week current tsu student Reggie Tinnon said, “I am very excited about the alumni from the past coming to celebrate with us.”

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2 New Queens

Over this past summer, something happened at TSU that has never happened before. Miss Tennessee State University elect lost her crown. This occurred due to grade issues she had during post certification for Student Government Association officials. Yet she feels the rules were slanted against her unfairly.

Miss TSU elect Terra Strong said in an Interview, “the administrators kept saying they were going to work with me, and that it (the rule) might not apply, but I feel they already had their mind made up as to what they were going to do, they were going to make an example out of me.” The issue was that Ms. Strong had elected to take an incomplete in a course in order to get a better grade. This meant she would have to wait to earn the final three credits of the 14 she had taken for the semester. This made her just one credit shy of the required 12 needed for the semester to be Miss TSU. She claims she could have received a D in that class but wanted to maintain the B she had received in the class at Midterm.

The administrators felt that the SGA constitution was clearly against Miss Strong when it says under the Miss TSU requirements that the student must have earned 12 hours in the past spring semester in order to serve as Miss TSU in the fall. However, Miss Strong felt that the Incomplete was not a final grade and should not have been counted as unearned. Rather, she feels the administrators should have waited for the professor to give her the grade instead of taking away her position.

This lead to the administrators giving the title to the runner-up in the Miss TSU election Danicia Hayes. Danicia said in an interview in reference to Terra Strong losing her position, “It seems like something very heart wrenching. I wouldn’t want someone to embarrass me and make me feel less than.” She went on to say that after she heard the that she was the new Miss TSU, she became very introverted and did not take to social media sites, due to not wanting people to feel she was overjoyed about the controversial events that had taken place.

Miss Strong started a blog in order to tell her side of the story, which you can find here

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Leaders Of The New School

An organization that originated at Middle Tennessee State University has spread to Tennessee State University, and is looking to spread to even more campuses around the nation. Leaders Of The New School, which was created by MTSU student Rikki Blu, recently held a Trayvon Martin memorial at TSU. TSU Interim president Dr. Portia Shields was present and spoke at the event.

Balin Ali ,who is Rikki Blu’s partner, is the head of LOTNS at TSU and said in an interview “LOTNS at first it all started it was supposed to be a local showcase for the Nashville area, but it ended up getting so big that we’re going to be a future organization here at TSU.”  The organization can be found on their twitter acount, where they relay the purpose of their organization with tweets like “We seek to change the hearts and minds of our generation… Love is all we know…”.

Rikki Blu hopes the organization will spread even further than just these 2 campuses. He claims another one of the members is moving to Atlanta and is going to try to get people to join their. Blu ,who is a native of Dallas, Texas, also hopes to promote and get members in the organization when he returns home from MTSU.

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A Spring Fling Thing

When you pay money for something you expect to get it, yet that wasn’t the case for some participants who bought packages from the student organization HBCU Spring Fling. The group had student’s pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for a Spring Break package. That package promised them a bus ride down to Panama City, three nights in a hotel room and gave them free party passes to get into parties amongst other things.

Yet many student’s claim they didn’t get half of what they were promised. Spring Fling participant Miya Jefferson claimed she didn’t get a hotel room, didn’t receive any party passes and that the shuttles to escort people to the parties never came. She claimed she was forced to room with six other women in one hotel room. Mrs. Jefferson is now demanding her money back.

HBCU Spring Fling posted apologies on their twitter account after the first night saying “We had a bad day but we PROMISE We got y’all covered 2morrow!!!! #hbcuspringfling“. They also posted apologies and updates about the bus situation, asking participants to tweet #NOBUS and the name of their hotel to the groups twitter account.

Yet after the trip was over many patrons were still dissatisfied about the trip and were calling the organization’s leader Blake Nathan for refunds. Participant Monique Craig said in an interview “I don’t think Blake would try to get over or scam or take anyone’s money, I don’t think he would put his self in that situation”. Miya Jefferson also said in an interview “Today I got an email response back saying that he denied all requests and nobody is getting their money back”. Blake Nathan was unavailable for comment on the situation when contacted.

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A Spring Fling Thing